My Music

   My music story began in the high school - the end of 1980-ties. Two things happend almost at once - I have discovered the Heavy Metal music (Accept, Helloween, Manowar, etc) and my parents bought me an old, heavily used electric guitar (honorably pictured at the side - a Bulgarian made Orpheus). More than 20 years I was just playing once in a while and mostly doing music for my games in IT or XM format (see Biniax, Horrum and C-S-Q). Until recently, when the Muse came and I have turned the music to my more serious hobby.
   The electric guitar is an amazing instrument - it is maybe the most versatile one, and you can do any kind of music on it. The guitar is my main instrument, but I like experimenting with different sounds (mostly to contrast the guitar) and I have self-trained to play flute, harp and ocarina (so far). Below you can find some of my "musical creations".


   This is the first song I wrote for a kind of "Album" I would like to record and release, before I turn 50 :) The song is called "Paramount" and it is basically about Love. The lyrics are available in both YouTube and SoundCloud descriptions of the song. You can download it here as an MP3 file.
"PARAMOUNT" as how-to-play video::


   The ocarina is one of the most "magical" flutes around. The modern ocarina is invented in Italy in the 19-th century, but its popularity today comes mostly from Japan - thanks to the Manga and video games like "Zelda". Some people still think it is a fictional instrument featured in the games (more about the ocarina could be found in this excellent ocarina information page). Anyway, it is one of the most gentle and deep sounding flutes and I am very pleased with the results of my experiment - to incorporate it in a power and heavy metal songs.

PowerTwo is a power / heavy metal song and the later one. I consider it also one of the most sophisticated short compositions I have made till now.

WakeUp was the opposite of the "Lullaby" I have first composed for ocarina. I am glad I made the step in this direction - despite being more rough and basic, it was my first attempt to integrate ocarina in heavy metal and I like the result.

Dance of Joy is not exactly Metal, but there is quite extensive use of distortion guitar in it. The song is inspired by the Irish folk dance music.

Music for the Kids / with the Kids

   I wrote this "easy listening" song as a musical greeting for the birthday of my younger daughter. No Metal, no complicated sound - a song for a little kid. "Happy Birthday, Vicky!":

   This "Good Morning" song (lyrics are in Bulgarian) was the first "come-back" to the playing for me. I wrote it for my older daughter and we have performed it together. The lack of equipment is obvious, but still - I am keping it in the original state, as it is special for me as it is. The music video was done in 2015 (few years after the audio) and is composed by about 20 frames, drawn pixel by pixel in resolution of 64x48 pixel. Complete old-school low-tech :)

All the compositions are (C) Yordan Tuzsuzov (Jordan Tuzsuzov).